Men of the Legion

This comic was originally in Spanish and called Hombres De La Legion.  The illustrator was Alberto Salinas and story by Alfredo Grassi.  It was published by Ediciones Record and appeared in English by Eclipse Comics in two editions (#3 and #4) of their 1988 “Merchants of Death” series.  There is a digital version of the first part in Spanish here and the original cover is below.

The story is boilerplate.  Englishman joins the Legion to escape jail and scandal at home.  He has a rough time getting along with the brutal sergeant and a German legionnaire.  Combat however, forms unbreakable bonds and the nameless ones continue their eternal desert march.  The art work is incredible and makes this worth a look.

Men of the Legion

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2 Responses to Men of the Legion

  1. andyinsdca says:

    You weren’t BSing about the artwork in this. It’s excellent. The story is good, too. Thanks for sharing the PDF.


  2. Judy Konnath says:

    Hello, I’m a US Army Gulf War veteran platoon leader from a medical unit. I am trying to reconnect with French soldiers that my medical platoon treated after the 1991 war ended in Iraq. Three French soldiers were seriously injured after stepping on an IED. I would love to find these men from the 1st IR. Please let no who I should contact to find them. CPT Judy Konnath, or cell 732-616-2890. Thank you for your help! Judy


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