Foreign Legion Coloring Pages

I’m sure everyone has seen those adult coloring books at your department store checkout lanes or book kiosks.  I’m not talking about “adult” type of books with boobs but those coloring books designed for adults (or older children) to work on in order to relax with and relieve the stresses of the day through a meditative process of simple artistry.  I think some of them are kind of interesting and worked on a couple of pages from a Celtic Knot book some years ago.

So, for those who want to try something different than doodling, here is the first version of a simple digital coloring book that I’ve been compiling for a while.  I’ve tried to isolate as many line drawings as I could and edit them so they provide blank space to color inside.  These are mostly drawings by the great French illustrators Pierre Benigni, Maurice Mahut and the more contemporary Jean-Denis G. G. Lepage.  The others you might recognize from the pulp magazine illustrations posted here all these years.  Some of the other images came from old Kepi Blanc magazines, Pinterest, and who knows where else.  Just browse through and print the current page you like (be careful not to print all of them as there are 105 pages or so).  Colored pencils might work better than markers or crayons but that’s up to the user.  It’s a first draft and I’m aware of one duplicate image and some fuzziness to a couple others but I’m posting it now so it does not fall victim to the “perfection is the enemy of good enough” syndrome.  Later on I’ll update this post with a 2.0 version.

French Foreign Legion Coloring Pages

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3 Responses to Foreign Legion Coloring Pages

  1. A brilliant collection there, Jack! 🙂 I think I might just have to have a go at some of these!


  2. Will says:

    Very cool! I love it! Any number of these would look fantastic on a custom t-shirt.


  3. Marvin says:

    Terrific idea. It reminds me of the colouring series of “Paint Your Own” uniform cards produced by artist Rene North in the 1960s/70s which I blogged on some time ago. This series included one on the “Foreign Legion”, I notice from the list below.

    Click to access rene_north_cards_1975.pdf


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