Kickstarter for “The Compleat Beau Geste”

They say December is the month for “giving” which I tend to agree with…but December is also the gift “getting” season and who better to give a gift to than yourself.  In this case I highly recommend readers back The Complete Beau Geste project by Frank Thompson.  You can give a gift and get a gift at the same time. 

Back in the early days of this blog I made a short post about the location of the mock fort used in filming Beau Geste (1939).  Mr. Thompson quickly reached out to me and let me know all about his boots-on-the-ground research on the fort in the Yuma desert.  He also tipped me off to his then ongoing project on the The Lost Remake of Beau Geste, a mock version of the movie made by college students that was filmed inside the fake Fort Zinderneuf before they took the fort down.  I backed The Lost Remake kickstarter then and it did not disappoint.  Frank regularly kept us all informed on the status of the project and the movie was mailed out promptly with a nice poster and thank you card.  It was truly a remarkable find and a great story about how a bit of movie history was rescued before it disappeared for ever. 

This book looks even better, providing insights into all aspects of the movie, it’s various progeny (film versions, television, comic books, stage productions, radio shows, toys and games) and of course the fort.  It promises “A great…many photographs that have never been published anywhere…scores of posters, a gallery of book covers, illustrations, photos of toys — all printed in full color.”  If you are fan of anything related to Beau Geste, in any or all of it’s forms, then this book deserves to be on your shelf. 

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5 Responses to Kickstarter for “The Compleat Beau Geste”

  1. Trailquest says:

    Hi Jack

    This looks great and I will be getting a copy.

    My book (see attached) is due publication in early 2023.

    If you can provide me an address I will get a copy over to you for review.




  2. Trailquest says:

    Forgot to attach!! Now see above.


  3. eugene olivier says:

    Hello Jack, This is most exciting news. PLEASE tell me how i can contact whoever is in charge of this project (THE COMPLEAT BEAU GESTE). when i click on CONTACT ME i am asked to sign in. How do I proceed? this process is new to me. How does it work? Do you know what format the “production” is in?


  4. Aidan Mc Carthy says:

    Can a copy of the hardback ship to Ireland,


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