Four Berbers and a Pack Camel

I mentioned in my previous post (10 Feb) about some conversions I was working on involving some Redbox Afghans that I wanted to make look like some Berber/Riffian tribesmen.  I finished four of these and here they are.  They are not perfect (costume wise) and I still have several others to complete but they do look more like the traditional mountain dwelling, Moroccan foes that often fought the French Foreign Legion. I also present my first pack camel courtesy of the Hät Taaishi or Hadendowa Camelry set (can’t remember which).  Baggage was made with Green Stuff.  The camel came out a little dark so I started looking at camels on the internet and noticed that the color of camels actually range from almost white to dark browns–so I’ll leave it as is.   

On a side note, it was an interesting day in southwestern Wisconsin.  At 0830 this morning I could look out my window and see mostly grass, dry rooftops, dry roads and sidewalks.  At 0930 everything was covered in snow.  It didn’t stop until early evening and I think me and my boys shoveled about 20 inches.  Last week we had  a couple of days in the low 50′s.  Oh, well.  Back to winter. (I’ll try to post some pictures later).

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