Foregin Legion History (1831 to 1914) Graphic

I believe the chart below came from Wiki Commons .  It depicts in graphic form the historical time line of the French Foreign Legion from it’s inception to the First World War.  The dates, key conflicts and the French historical periods are on the top.  The green lines depict the organization of the Foreign Legion as it transitions from two Regiments into one then back again into two in 1885.  Separations from the main organization are depicted by lateral arrows such as the Swiss Brigade and for expeditions or campaigns such as the Battalions stationed in Tonkin.  Key battles are annotated with yellow stars.

I love charts like this that combine loads of information into one graphic.  The term being used now days is visual analytics.  In the Army I learned many different ways to depict information for the commander to make his decisions–and yes much of it was in PowerPoint (more on that in later posts).  I’ve become such a sucker for this stuff that I save every National Geographic map/chart I come across as well as those cool graphics and charts from Wired Magazine and US News.

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