Captain Gallant Comic #2

Below is the second issue of the companion comic book to the Captain Gallant television show that appeared from 1955 to 1957.  I found this and three others on the Internet Archive along with some other Tex Ritter and other Buster Crabbe comics.  In this issue are a couple of black and white photos from the TV show, three graphic Legion/Captain Gallant stories (Moroccan Miracle, Josephine’s Rival and An Eye for an Eye),  a short spy story called Four Windows to Freedom and a historical graphic story on “The Seven Cities of Cibola”.  There is also a fact page on camels.  It is what it is.  I’m also contemplating collecting these old videos.  There were about sixty five episodes made and it should be noted that it was made with the permission and cooperation of the Foreign Legion.  One can see footage that was actually filmed on Legion bases and on location in North Africa.

Captain Gallant 002_Jan 56

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