The Foreign Legion on the March

Google used to feature a News Archive search but for the last year or so it seems to have been off-line.  One could search many different newspapers from the late 1800’s until the present.  Today I discovered that it might be back up in a limited way and I was able to find several old news articles about my favorite search string:  “Foreign Legion”.  The article below is a one page spread that appeared on page 26 of the 27 January 1935 (Sunday) issue of the Milwaukee Journal.  It was written by Richard Halliburton who was a well known adventurer and travel writer at the time.  He would be lost at sea four years later attempting to sail from Hong Kong to San Francisco in a Chinese junk.  This article is an example of the way he merged his travels with his sense of adventure and his writing.  PDF is below.

The Foreign Legion on the March

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