Legion Pulp: Legion Feud

Legion Feud

February’s pulp fiction story is again from Georges Surdez and appeared in Collier’s Magazine (08 May 1937).  It’s a short but interesting story utilizing a boiler plate Foreign Legion plot that plays on the typical new legionnaire who clashes with a sinister superior officer.  This time the hard-nosed Corsican turns out to have a heart of gold and the young legionnaire remains true to the Legion when his (real) good name is cleared of any past crimes.

Legion Feud

If you like the illustration that accompanies the story it might be because the artist was Alex Raymond–a very prolific and popular illustrator and cartoonist at this time.  He created the Flash Gordon comic strip and contributed illustrations to not only Colliers but Blue Book, Cosmopolitan and Esquire.  There is a good article on Raymond at Wikipedia.

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