Commando: Battle in the Desert

Commando 4596 Cover

Commando is a very long running British comic that started in 1961 and has continued to provide the finest in military related graphic stories to this day.  They have a wonderful website and from what I understand an incredible production rate of about eight issues a month.  That is incredible for a comic which features a fully developed stand alone story that covers 64 pages with a full color cover in each issue.  I remember having a couple of Commandos in my long lost comic collection back in the 1970’s–never knew where they were acquired–but I loved the stories of WWII and air combat.  Their latest issue as of today is #4671.  Imagine that, so much artwork and story telling!

Commando featured many French Foreign Legion related stories over the years–probably several dozen.  I found one the other day and thought it important to mark Commando as another contributor to the legend of the Foreign Legion in popular culture.  Since Commando remains in publication I will only index those issues that I find which feature the French Foreign Legion.  I noticed on their website links to subscribe to the comic and one of the most affordable is via digital subscription.  There are also many compilations of older issues for sale.

Battle in the Desert was the featured story in Commando #4596.  Legion Sergeant Jack McBride and Corporal Yanez are leading a column that is hot on the trail of the bandit who took their regiment’s payroll when they come across a notorious Tuareg slaver.  This story is really well done with obvious research done by the author into North African colonial history.

Commando 4596 Battle in the Desert

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  1. Eugene Olivier says:

    That Major seems to take a lot of cheek from a mere NCO. It would be “insubordination and cells and reduced to the ranks” in the real legion.


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