Hodgepodge for January 2014

Not much happening this past month other than putting the holiday decorations away, freezing in the arctic cold, shoveling mountains of snow, and longing for spring.  I did find some interesting items related to the Foreign Legion.

1.  Légion Etrangère Magazine.  This is not Kepi Blanc magazine.  This appears to be something new (and promising I might add).  There is a series of eight (so far) slick magazines published that are all devoted to the Foreign Legion.  Visit the website and see for yourself what each issue contains–click on the Articles tab for short versions of each article.  Click on the News tab and discover lots of interesting books and news tidbits on the Foreign Legion.  You can also go to the Groupe Hommell to purchase these magazines. The list is below and the gallery shows the front covers.

Légion Etrangère n°8: Les unités spéciales de la Légion en Indochine
Légion Etrangère n°7: Le génie dans la Légion
Légion étrangère n°6: Légionnaires parachutistes en Algérie
Légion Etrangère n°5: Kolwezi 1978, dernière opération aéroportée de l’armée française
Légion étrangère n°4: Les volontaires étrangers 1939-1945
Légion étrangère n°3: Légion et Casque Bleu
Légion Etrangère n°2: Camerone, du sacrifice au mythe
Légion étrangère n°1: Légionnaires pour la France, histoire d’une loi.

2.  Légion et Génie au Maroc.  A nice website devoted to Foreign Legion and French military engineers and their accomplishments in Morocco.   Jacques, the website owner, has compiled dozens of photographs and articles on military forts and engineering projects such as tunnels and bridges.  He also has another website devoted to the history of the Moroccan city of Ouarzazate where there are more pictures and articles.  There is a small section on the Foreign Legion as well.

3.  British Soldier Wins Honors in French Foreign Legion.  This is a somewhat older article from the UK’s Daily Mail that I stumbled across recently.  It’s an amazing story but I also found the comments very interesting too.

4.  Random Photos.  I just had to share these two pictures.  I found the first on Flickr.  It looks like the original was a high quality black and white photo that was recently colorized.  The Caption says…French Foreign Legion Officer, Dress Uniform, 13-DBLE.

The second picture was found buried in an old issue of Le Miroir (09 Feb 1919) that I found on Galica.  It depicts Capitaine Chastenet de Géry of the French Foreign Legion detachment during their tour of the United States as part of a promotion of the 4th Liberty Bond.  Present also in Oklahoma for this picture is Chief Cheyenne Eagle and U.S. General Pentecost.



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