The Foreign Legion in Pen and Ink

Sorting through my digital collection of images I was able to assemble a collection of nice black and white pictures depicting various Foreign Legionnaires in different uniforms and settings.  Normally I would call these” uniform prints” but the lack of color would make these simply pen and ink drawings.  Most are by Pierre Benigni (1878-1956), a renowned illustrator of French military subjects, particularly the Napoleonic era, who provided these drawings for the 1931 Centennial edition of the Foreign Legion’s Livre D’Or.  The other prominent illustrator of the Foreign Legion is Maurice Mahut who provided the drawings for Les Mystères de la Légion Etrangère by Georges d´Esparbes.  Mahut also made many illustrations of soldiers in WWI as well as for various periodicals and novels.  Several of Mahut’s drawings are also featured in Osprey’s Men at Arms #461 The French Foreign Legion 1872-1914 by Martin Windrow.  The two by Mahut are last but I hope to find more to add to this collection.

Admin Note:  Sorry for not posting more often but I’ve been recently been working at two part time jobs and my schedule has been discombobulated.

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