Grit Gregson: The Siege of Fort Mobo

Siege of Fort Mobo

Here is another installment of the adventures of Grit Gregson of the French Foreign Legion.  This time Grit is fighting as part of the besieged Legion garrison of Fort Mobo–a far flung desert outpost far from their garrison at Fort Goulais.  The seemingly endless numbers of fanatical Arab fighters are sure to overwhelm their small detachment unless something audacious is tried.  Leave it to Grit and his pals Buck Baxter and Louis Morel to save the day.  (This story appeared in the 1 May 1954 edition of the British comic Lion.)

The Siege of Fort Mobo



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  1. jhovey11 says:

    Thanks! I love these stories and I appreciate you posting them on your blog.


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