Legion Pulp: The Ghost in the Bastion


This Wu-Flu edition of Foreign Legion pulp comes to us by Adventure Magazine from 15 July 1930.  J. D. Newsom again crafts an enjoyable tale that takes place in French Tonkin (the northern portion of then French Indochina where the Legion frequently engaged Chinese bandits and pirates).  The story is about what grim things can happen when a bit of mischief making goes to far and creates a deadly instance of inter-service rivalry pitting the Legion against the French Colonial Infantry.

The Ghost in the Bastion

Note that this story was extracted from a pulp fiction magazine that has a dozen more items of fiction (to include a Nautical, Crime and a Western story among others).  Issues of Adventure Magazine at this time (1920’s to 1930’s) usually consisted of almost 200 pages.  You can get this magazine (and hundreds of others like it) from the Internet Archive and “The Pulp Magazine Archive“.  Click here for more Adventures.  You can also find many of the same issues available for download at “Pulp Covers“.  Some pulp titles are exceedingly rare and most original copies are slowly falling apart and unless digitally preserved the fiction contained within will be lost forever.  This specific issue was scanned exceptionally well by “sas” and has a wonderful Foreign Legion cover that is not quite related to this Tonkin tale.

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