Sideshow Collectables Foreign Legion Action Figures

A quick post the day before Camerone Day.  Those 1/6 scale action figures that I grew up with forty years ago and known collectively as “G. I. Joes” have made quite a comeback.  Over the last decade or so manufacturers such as Dragon Models Limited (DML), 21st Century Toys, Blue Box Toys (BBI), Toy Soldier Workshop, ACE, Battle Gear Toys among many others have produced hundreds of highly accurate and collectable figures in this scale.  Some of these figures have been French Foreign Legion soldiers and the most interesting for me are the ones made by Sideshow Collectables.  Check out the links below for more pictures.  Note that both are sold our but I do see these pop up on eBay quite often.

1.  Sideshow Collectables: French Foreign Legionnaire.

French Foreign Legionnaire

2.  Sideshow Collectables: WWI French Foreign Legionnaire R.M.L.E.

WWI French Foreign Legionnaire R.M.L.E.

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