Hodgepodge for January 2017

January was a pretty slow month as far as news, press releases and interesting items related to the Foreign Legion.  Here is what I have been able to cobble together….

1. Foreign Legion Forts on eBay.  I admit to shamelessly copying images from eBay listing that feature models or war game terrain of a desert fortresses.  There are some very nice constructions out there and here are a couple of recent examples.

2. Wargames Illustrated Issue #350.  Wargames Illustrated magazine had a Foreign Legion cover for their December issue.  The article inside was for The Battle of Messifre (Syria) 1925.  It provided a couple of good ideas on how to simulate this complex battle that featured outnumbered Foreign Legionnaires against human wave attacks of Druse tribesmen.  There were also a couple of terrain making articles–making African huts and barbed wire fences.

wi3503. Insignes Legion.  Here is a fantastic website that has escaped my attention for quite some time.  It is just about everything you need to know about Foreign Legion insignia and badges.  It is organized by regiment and unit so you just drill down from the list on the left of the page to view the specific badge/insignia for each unit and sub unit.  The photos are not as clear as the ones on this facebook page but it is pretty comprehensive and well worth being added to your bookmarks.

misc_214. Benno’s Figures Forum Posts.  One of my favorite miniature forums is Bennos.  Here are some more recent posts that I found there….March or DieFrench Foreign Legion (WWII).  and French Foreign Legion.  Some great painting work on all of these figures.fflmarchdie

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2 Responses to Hodgepodge for January 2017

  1. Bob says:

    Thanks for the nice comments about my WI article. Too bad WI forgot to include the map of the battle for the tabletop, or photos of my game at HISTORICON 2015, to go with the scenario.


    • Jack Wagner says:

      No problem–good article. You got me hunting for photographs taken at the 2015 HISTORICON and Voila!…I found some taken of your board posted at Xin’s Lair (blogspot). That was a very nice and detailed set up. Love the explosions, the armored cars and French planes.


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