Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

Merry Christmas everyone. Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday (holy day) Season.

…and very sincere Merry Christmas wishes to the Legionnaires, Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, Law Enforcement and Fire & Emergency response forces of all nations out there on the front lines keeping the world safe and secure.


About Jack Wagner

Retired Army.
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4 Responses to Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

  1. villou16 says:

    Merry christmas to you!



  2. Marvin says:

    Merry Christmas!




  3. Jack Krumhansl says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Jack –

    Best wishes for Christmas and also for the new year – 2022! Thank you for publishing Mon Legionnaire, one of the best sites online.

    Jack Krumhansl


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